Unlock Sprint Samsung Transform

Our guide will show you how to extract the SPC(unlock code) from your phone so that you can reprogram it to another network. CDMA phones have two six-digit codes; A one-time service programming code (SPC), and the MSL:master subsidy lock (Unlock code) . The SPC can be used to activate a brand new phone onto wireless service, and it works only one time. Not all wireless carriers use the SPC code. The SPC makes it possible for a consumer to purchase the phone anywhere, call up the provider's toll-free number, and then activate the wireless phone from the directions given by the representative on the other end of the line. After the initial programming, the SPC is no longer valid. This method enables the initial field programming of the phone by the consumer, and now the wireless provider has the knowledge of the only working programming code for your phone for subsequent programming, which is the (MSL) master subsidy lock. Once the SPC has been used, the only working programming code for the phone is the MSL. This fact is important to note, because if the phone needs to be reprogrammed for any reason, the MSL must be used. These reasons may include a phone number change, a PRL update, network carrier change or a firmware upgrade. You agree to our refund policy when purchasing this service. Please click here to view our refund policy. 

  • Remove "Activation Required" from your phone.
  • Gain access to the CDMA Service Edit Screen.
  • Reprogram to work with different PCS CDMA carrier.
  • Update firm ware.
  • Change Phone Number.
  • PRL update.
  • Network carrier update.


Business Hours:

  • Monday-Friday (8am-12am)
  • Saturday-Sunday (9:30am-12am)
  • You are purchasing A Samsung MSL(Unlock code) code. We will only provide you with the MSL code instructions on how to access the hidden screen, and activating your current cell number on the phone. You are responsible for programming the phone your self. We do not offer tech support for re-programing the phone.


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